Hi everyone!

Please save the 15.06 and come to Boudry for the… 🥁


Freediving 3-Seenland, Les Apnéistes Anonymes and Fri:diving and  are happy to propose the following schedule:

  • 9h Meeting
  • 10h Warmup
  • 11h 1st session
  • 12-12h30 NAPTIME
  • 15h00 2nd session: rescue practice
  • from 16h-16h30 APEROOOO & BARBECUE

The event is free and open to every certificated diver!
All you need is your own equipment, food and your smile 😃

You can of course participate to only one or both sessions and even only to the barbecue but we HIGHLY recommend you to take part to the rescue practice!

For organisation purpose, please announce your participation and/or your group To Arnaud via +41795621652

Let’s hope to have good weather conditions like we had last year 🌞

Can’t wait to see you all 🤩

15 juin 2024
11:00 (12h 5′)


Freediving 3SeenLand, Fri:diving, Les Apnéistes Anonymes